Our Mission

Lion House is a non-profit LGBTQ-specific transitional and rapid rehousing program that seeks to come from a community first and housing plus approach.

LGBTQ people are more represented in the homeless community than they are in the housed population. While national statistics show that 40-43% of homeless youth are LGBTQ, in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, statistics show our area has a greater representation of homeless youth being LGBTQ, at nearly 50%.

But statistics aside we all know how important housing is; having a stable roof over your head with reliable cover from the elements along with a safe place to sleep and to store your belongings, are all essential to being able to thrive, find and maintain employment.

We do not seek to treat the problem of LGBTQ homelessness, but to address the problems causing their homelessness at the root. The goal of Lion House is to assist people and families in their journey to their own housing, we want to make sure that we help to equip them with all the necessary tools and to eventually end homelessness in the LGBTQ community.